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Mann Cup

The Mann Cup is the trophy awarded to the senior men's lacrosse champions of Canada.

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  • The championship series is played between the Western Lacrosse Association  champion (British Columbia) and the Major Series Lacrosse champion (Ontario).
  • The trophy, one of the most valuable trophies in all of sports is made of solid gold.
  • The cup was donated in 1910 by Sir Donald Mann (builder of the Canadian Northern Railway)
  • Prior to 1910, the Minto Cup  was the senior amateur championship trophy.
  • The Mann Cup was originally a challenge trophy, but in 1925 the champion New Westminster Salmonbellies turned the trophy over to the Canadian Lacrosse Association which instituted a national playoff system.
  • The challenges and championships for the Mann Cup were played by the rules of traditional field lacrosse until 1932,
  • From 1932, when box lacrosse was adopted by the Canadian Lacrosse Association play has been exclusively under box rules.
  • The first indoor Mann Cup was played at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto in October 1932 

Mann Cup Champions

Field Champions

Box Champions


Mann Cup Disputes

  • In 1914, the Vancouver Athletic Club defeated the Calgary Chinooks and Brampton Excelsiors in Mann Cup challenge matches
    • the Mann Cup Trustees disputed the status of one of the Vancouver players in the series versus Brampton
    • Despite the views of British Columbia lacrosse, national lacrosse and amateur athletic organisations that supported Vancouver’s position, the trustees instead awarded the cup to the Calgary Chinooks on September 29, 1914.
    • Vancouver however held on to the gold trophy and refused to turn it over to either the trustees or the Chinooks.
    • After the Mann Cup was turned over to the control of the Canadian Lacrosse Association in 1926, all references to the Calgary Chinooks title were removed from the records.

  • In 1922, there were two rival leagues located in British Columbia leading to a unique battle for the Mann Cup:
    • Vancouver Lacrosse Club and Victoria Capitals played in the British Columbia Amateur Lacrosse Association's senior league
    • New Westminster Salmonbellies and Vancouver Elks played in the Pacific Coast Amateur Lacrosse Association.
      • New Westminster tried to maintain control of the Mann Cup after they left the BCALA to join the PCALA
    • Vancouver Lacrosse Club won their schedule and were awarded the Mann Cup, while New Westminster won their series in the PCALA.
    • About a week later, Vancouver Lacrosse Club and New Westminster met in a three-game, total goals series to determine who would take home both the Mann Cup and Kilmarnock Cup (awarded to the provincial champions).
      • After Vancouver (who were at the time considered the holders of the Mann Cup) were up 7-6 in goals after two games, they then defaulted their third game after a brawl broke out and the team refused to return to the field.
      • The score was 1-1, so New Westminster lined up and they then went through the formal motions of scoring two unopposed goals into the empty net to take the series and the silverware back by 9 goals to 8.

Cup mishaps

  • In 1989, the Mann Cup—which is made of gold—was stolen from it alarm-rigged glass display case from the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in New Westminster, British Columbia. Despite fears of the cup being melted down for its gold content, it turned up a few weeks later, dented, but otherwise intact.
  • In 2004, the Peterborough Lakers won the Mann Cup. During a celebratory gathering the trophy was dropped in a bonfire and significantly damaged. The trophy had to be repaired and reconstructed.


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