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Events of Lacrosse




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  • links to other lacrosse bodies ?
  • stamps and coins - (including the 1976 Olympic Canadian Coins...)  (note track to metal)
  • Cups of lacrosse - Mann $2500), Minto $?, Kilmarnock  $500 - Costs /priceless
  • Not just the interurban railway but the rail across Canada had an impact on the game
    • In 1885 the federal government rushed troops, via the newly completed railway, to put down the Riel rebellion. That same year a Lacrosse team from New Westminster used the very same steel road to travel across the nation to challenge a Toronto team for the National Championship. While political realities tore the country apart, Lacrosse was bringing the regions of the country closer together.
    • need to check this reference - 1885 is prior to official first game in BC?

  • Sweeny Cooperage - Wood Connection????
  • Claxton Flags
  • Amateur lacrosse upheld muscular Christian principles. In fact, the National Lacrosse Association received its most prestigious award, the Claxton Flags, from a charter member and sometime president of North America's first Young Men's Christian Association.(f.38) The deed of gift records Montreal millionaire, philanthropist, and social reformer James T. Claxton's desire to "promote by every means in his power the fostering of clean, amateur athletics amongst the youth of Canada."(f.39) This occurred long before the YMCA embraced sport as a means of cultivating the spiritual, social, and physical dimensions of man.(f.40)

  • Go to source web page: Journal of Canadian Studies: Idealized middle-class sport for a young nation: Lacrosse in nineteenth-century Ontario towns, 1871-1891


Other notes not to be forgotten:
Ab Brown Olympic Blazer is in the hall of fame.


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