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 The applicant must possess the following qualities to be considered a candidate for the Ted Fridge Scholarship Fund:


  • A field lacrosse player who registering in a post-secondary education. (Proof ofregistration in a post-secondary educational institution is required prior todisbursement of scholarship funds.)
  • An athlete currently or previously registered with the B.C. Lacrosse Association as aField Lacrosse Player.
  • A person who demonstrates commitment to participating in the B.C. Lacrosse Association Field Sector in the capacity of one or more of the following positions:player, coach, referee/umpire, executive/committee member, other volunteer position.
  • A person who is considered as displaying sportsmanlike behaviour.
  • A student with an academic standing of A or B average calibre, who is regarded as ahelpful, upstanding leader with his/her peers.
  • A person who is involved in his/her community.
  • Candidate must currently be attending Grade 12 (this application year).


for deadlines see: BCLA Important Dates 

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