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Minor Box Lacrosse Camp Application Form - click here

BCLA Minor Directorate Operating Policy 15.01:  Associations wishing to host any camps must apply to the Minor Directorate through the BCLA Office a minimum of four weeks prior to the first date of the camp. The application will be reviewed by the BCLA Office and approved by the Minor Directorate Chair (or designate).



2015-2016 BCLA Field Directorate U15 Regional Teams Program.  For information about the program, please click here

To registration, please log onto the On-Line Registration Form or  pdf.

EXTENDED DEADLINE to Register:  October 30, 2015 at 4:00 PM (to the BCLA Office).  Tryout Registration Fee:  $50.00


West Kootenay Minor Lacrosse Association's Box Lacrosse "Try-It" Campsponsored by RBC Sports Day in Canada -  click here

November 21, 2015





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